Where to go for hikes

Hiking is the best relaxing and outdoor activity which enables you to really see the landscape and nature around you. Go and see. There is a lot to see in and around Jáchymov as well as in the Ore Mountains.

On this page we would like to give you several tips for walks and hikes.


Education trails

Education trail about radon

The trail begins at Jáchymov Museum, continues along the western slopes and finishes at the spa house of Radium Palace. The trail goes through quiet local roads overlooking the eastern slope. From Špitální Church the trail leads on a forest path up to the end of the trail. On the trail, which is 3 km long, there are located 9 information boards about radon.

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Nature Trail Jáchymov Hell

The Trail Jáchymov Hell is 8.5 km long and there are 12 stops informing not only about uranium mines and camps, but also about the Ore Mountains nature and ecology.

The first information board is placed in front of the church of st. Jáchym. The trail continues around the Svornost mine and ends at the Šlik castle, where you can admire a breathtaking view of Jáchymov and the surrounding Ore Mountains.

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Nature Trail Boží Dar Moss

The trail partially leads through the Boží Dar Moss National Nature Reservation, which has been declared an internationally important wetland.

The trail is 3.2 km long and begins at the Boží Dar Info centre, where is also the first information board. Most of the trail leads on wooden paths enabling safe walking on the moss.

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The nature trail following old paths around Ostrov

The trail begins and ends at the building of the railway station in Ostrov, the total length of the trail is 31.5 kilometers. Stops are placed in the center of Ostrov and its boroughs as Kfely, Hluboký, Horní Žďár, Dolní Žďár, Vykmanov, Květnová, Maroltov a Mořičov. Nature trail consists of two dozen stops with information boards.

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Nature Trail Ostrovsko and Mining

The trail is part of the Silver trail going along the Czech and German border. The trail provides information about the town of Ostrov being a base for towns and villages in the Ore Mountains, and about how mining influenced the development of the town. The nature trail begins near Ostrov castle: it is 4.4 km long and has a total of 5 stops ending in Vykmanov.

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Tips for other nature trails can be found at the following link.

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Trips in and around Jáchymov

Imperial Alley Walk

Follow the footsteps of prominent personalities of Jáchymov history. The Imperial Alley consists of a magical path lined with 100-year-old linden trees planted on the 50th anniversary of Franz Joseph I. reign. The girth of the biggest trees is more than 200 cm. The Alley is an impressive landscape dominant, and a scenic route with beautiful views of the entire town of Jáchymov. 

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Lookout Towers and Views

The “Girl Jump” Lookout at Jáchymov

From the Culture House via the Dvořákova street you will get to the hotel Panorama, from where there is a path leading into the forest.

To the lookout, you will continue on a path through beech and spruce forests. The path runs along the mountain ridge and it is sometimes lined with small rock formations. At the end of the path, there is a wooden gazebo on a rock, where you can relax and look around Jáchymov hills.

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The “Hat” Lookout

The nearest lookout of Jachymov offers extensive views in all directions. You will see the peak Klínovec as well.

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Klínovec Lookout

The lookout tower on Klínovec (1244 m) is the highest observation tower of the Ore Mountains and the fifth highest tower in the Czech Republic. It is 24 meters high octagonal tower built in 1884.

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The Lookout of “Stag's Leap” Karlovy Vary

“Stag's Leap” lookout is the oldest tower in Karlovy Vary. The wooden gazebo on a rocky promontory was built in 1804. Stag's Leap is a rock with a metal statue of a chamois. The most comfortable way to get to the lookout is to use a cable car to the Diana lookout tower which leads from the Grandhotel Pupp. You can get off at the station Stag's Leap or go all the way up to the Diana tower and go down about 500 m.

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Diana Lookout Tower Karlovy Vary

The tower from 1914 can be reached by a cabin car or on foot. The cabin car leaves every 15 minutes. The ride takes about 3 minutes, the hike will take about half an hour.

Up to the Diana observation tower, you can use an elevator or stairs (150). The height of the tower is 25 m. Under beautiful weather you can see up to a distance of 70 km.

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Lookout Tower on Krásno Peak

Above the town of Krásno,  in the middle of Slavkov Forest, there is one of the most remarkable lookout towers in our country. The 25 m high tower with a unique shape having an outside spiral staircase lies at an altitude of 777 m above sea level.

From the tower, you can admire the view of the peaks of the Slavkov Forest, Tepelská highlands, hills around Karlovy Vary, Sokolov, and Mariánské Spa.

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Lookout Tower on the top Krudum

The steel tower is 50 m high with a viewing platform at a height of 30 m with 150 stairs leading up.

There are is not only magnificent nature, but close to the tower stands a historic trigonometric point "French stone". The mountain is accessible only for pedestrians and cyclists. Beautiful mountain environment is not disturbed by the sounds of cars. The nearest parking is at Lobezský creek or in the village Třídomí, both about 4 km from the top of the mountain.

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Geocaching is an adventure game that you can play every one having a GPS navigation.  Nowadays, GPS navigations are very precise and will lead you to the particular point with high accuracy. Those who do geocaching, look for hidden caches on interesting places. The reward for a successful search is most often in a small box.

Jáchymov and basically the whole Karlovy Vary region is full of caches.  The list can be found by registering at the link below.

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