185 km of marked trails of varying difficulty

Cycling in the Ore Mountains

The Ore Mountains are becoming a popular destination for both road and mountain biking. Klínovec - the highest mountain in the Ore Mountains and its surrounding area offers a network of cycle paths of varying difficulty and downhill tracks. There is a completely new trail park: a special trail for those who loves mountain biking and want to enjoy a ride through forests and untouched landscapes. Both beginners and experienced cyclists will enjoy biking in the Ore Mountains. 

List of the trails divided by difficulty can be found here: Cycling Boží Dar

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We look forward to your visit and hope you have lots of fun in the Ore Mountains.



Trail Park Klínovec

Since this spring, there will be new narrow forest trails specially designed for mountain biking. You can use a chairlift called Prima Express to get on the top to the beginning of the trails from Jáchymov.

The Trail Park offers 21 km of moderate trails and steadily declining trails divided into three levels of difficulty. The easy trails are intended for the general public including beginners, families with children, and bikers of all ages. The more difficult trails will entertain more experienced bikers. For advanced bikers, there will be a 3.3 km long trail. Beginners can try mountain biking on a pump track and in skill centers at the starting points. Either you can go down on one trail or you can combine more trails that are marked in the map. Nevertheless, follow the behavior rules for trails and operation rules, and choose a trail based on your level of experience, skills, and physical condition.

We look forward to your visit and hope you have lots of fun while biking.




Cycling effortlessly

The purpose of the project is to enable you to explore the neighborhood of Klínovec without challenging elevation even in a mountain terrain. There are 6 marked circuits of 10 up to 20 km long which lead to the town of Boží Dar, Loučná pod Klínovcem, and Suchá which offer beautiful views over the neighborhood of Klínovec.

All circuits have a start and finish at the top of Klínovec, and that's the magic of cycling effortlessly. There are two lifts that will take you up to the top of Klínovec. It is possible to buy a group ticket with a bike transportation included.

The descending trails are usually paved, but there are also more difficult passages so it is necessary to check the technical condition of your bikes, especially brakes, and to use a helmet and gloves. Biking on the marked trails is on your own responsibility.


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Cycling trails around Jáchymov

There is a wide choice of cycling trails around Jáchymov and in the Karlovarský region avoiding roads. Check below our tips for the best trails.


Cycling path from Jáchymov to Ostrov on a former railway line

The path begins at the former train station in Jáchymov in the Dvořák street. The beginning of the path is in a park and ends in Horní Źďár. The trail is 2.5 meters wide and leads along the road I / 25. It replaces the former track, which was after the mining of uranium ore in 1957 canceled. The path is 2.62 km long and the height elevation is 110 m.

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Circuit around Klínovec

The circuit starts from Boží Dar and leads through a nature reservation Božídarské rašeliniště around the mine Eduard to Jáchymov and then through Klínovec back to Boží Dar.

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Krušnohorská magistrála

The cycling and cross country track Krušnohorská magistrála leads through forests and meadows over the Ore Mountains. It leads through the whole mountain range from Cheb to the North Bohemian Sněžník at Děčín.

The total length of the track is 242 km and it is interconnected with a number of other tracks marked for hikers and bikers.

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Cycling trail Ohře

An easy trail with elevation in the length of 110 km runs through the regions of Cheb, Sokolov, Karlovy Vary, and the Ostrovský. The trails specifically starts in Slapany and goes through Cheb, Doubí, and Mostov to Kynšperk. It continues through Sokolov and Královské Poříčí to Loket. And then runs through Svatošské rocks to Karlovy Vary.

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Cycling trail Potůčky - Abertamy - Pernink

A 24 km long trail of intermediate level is mostly composed by asphalt roads and partially by gravel roads. Under Plešivec, the trail is a forest track.

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Cycling trail Boží Dar - Jáchymov - Ostrov

An 18 km long trail of intermediate level is mostly composed by gravel roads and forest trails.

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Cycling trail Boží Dar - Český Mlýn - Rýžovna

An easy 11 km long trail is composed by asphalt and partially by gravel roads, some of a lower quality.

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Cycling trail Vojkovice - Ostrov - Suchá

From Velichov to Suchá, the trail is very difficult, vice versa the trail is easy. Asphalt roads, sometimes of a lower quality prevail. From Vykmanov the trail for 600 m is a dirt road, and from Suchá to Pytlácká rokle, the trail is a forest gravel road. The trail is 23 kilometers long.

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Cycling trail Velichov - Island - Pernink - Potůčky

A difficult 55 km long trail is composed by asphalt roads. This is the route with the highest elevation in the Karlovy Vary region. It connects the highest and lowest points of our region and from Vojkovice to Klínovec the elevation is 1,188 m. But on the way back it is an awesome downhill.

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Crossroad under Klínovec - Loučná pod Klínovcem

This 4 km long trail is composed by a gravel and rocky surface. From Loučná, the trail is very difficult, vice versa the trail is easy.

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Vojkovice - Krásný Les - Horní Hrad

An intermediate 9 km long trail is composed by asphalt surface, only the downhill to the castle is a gravel road.

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