Tips on where to go with children in and around Jáchymov


Walks and Trails

Baby Jesus Trail in Boží Dar

The Baby Jesus Trail is full of fun and challenges for young and older children, who can choose whether to embark on a whole (12.9 km) or short circuit (5.6 km). The trail is full of various tasks e.g. To recognize animal tracks and trees by its leaves or fruit, or in the following stops they will again have to guess what belongs together or mark what is right. At all stops, children will be greeted by Baby Jesus, his friends and helpers.


Baby Jesus’s Post Office in Boží Dar

The Baby Jesus’s post office in Boží Dar has been working since 1994. Every child and adult visitor can insert their wishes into a Baby Jesus’s special mailbox throughout the whole year. In December, Baby Jesus will send the wishes to the addressees. Every year, there is a new special Christmas stamp on the wishes.


Nature Park Meandr Ohře in Karlovy Vary

In the park Meander Ohře, there are located several playgrounds and around 50 different play elements, climbing frames and swings designed especially for children. Meander also provides for lovers of skating a 930 m long in-line course. The complement of the nature park is an educational program aimed at explaining the operation of the river.


Oberwiesenthal – just 12 minutes away from Jáchymov

Steam locomotive ride

Using a narrow-gauge railway, you can get to a city with the highest altitude in Germany in a train pulled by a steam locomotive. The so-called Fichtelbergbahn in the upper Ore Mountains has been in operation since 1 July 1897 on the Kurort Oberwiesenthal – Cranzahl line and back, both in summer and winter, every day on a track of approximately 17 kilometres.

Bobsleigh racing track

Bobsleigh racing track can be found in town Oberwiesenthal, near the local ski area and tennis courts. Bobsleigh racing track sign as „summer“ might be slightly misleading. If the weather allows it, it is operational from the spring to autumn.

Vierenstraße 3c, Oberwiesenthal

GPS: 50° 26' 11.4' N, 12° 58' 3' E

Playgrounds and Amusement Parks

Children's World U Hafíka in Karlovy Vary

A covered entertainment center extends over an area greater than 1200 m2. For the youngest children, there is a separate play area with slides, a pool with balls, and a small bouncy castle. Older children attracts a large trampoline, inflatable slide, bouncy castle, climbing frame, or eg. Xbox 360 Kinect Console. Parents are entertained thanks to wifi, billiards, air hockey, and a foosball table.

Children's Entertainment Center and a Cafe Hopa Hopa - Karlovy Vary

In the indoor amusement center for kids, your children can have fun on climbing frames, slides with balloons, electric cars, and in a party lounge. In the meantime, you can relax in a pleasant cafe over a cup of coffee.

Children's World in the Ski Resort NOVAKO

The Skiareal Novako is designed for families with small children and beginners in skiing. It includes a modern ski lift Doppelmayr, which is suitable for very young children.

In the summer season, the entire resort NOVAKO serves children and their parents. There is a number of attractions such as mountain scooters and carts, a trampoline, a bouncy castle, climbing frames, slides, a climbing center, a playground, ball games, and much more including refreshments.

Kid's ski parks and schools

Kid's park PRIMÁČEK by HUGO at the Klínovec ski-area, Jáchymov

Children's park with magic carpets, a fairytale slalom and other equipment. In addition to teaching, various competitions for children are held there, e.g. bobsledding with mascot HUGO every Friday and Saturday from 4:30pm to 6pm. Thanks to an artificial lighting of Primáček Park BY HUGO, the playground will be open even during the evening skiing.

Kid's park at Plešivec ski-area

Children's park with four magic carpets even for the smallest kids who cannot do the ride on a lift themselves. A great attraction is a mountain carousel and forty different attractions. They include an artificial tunnel shaped as a mushroom, a variety of animals, a several-metre-long snake used to practice arches and other attractions so that the children will not get bored.

NOVAKO Ski School at Boží Dar

Small elevation and gentle slopes in the resort are ideal for gaining first ski experience. The school is located in the heart of the Novako Ski Resort and provides all beginners with a magic carpet, children's playground, a variety of amenities such as plush balls, basketball, ski poles and other toys. A surprise is prepared for small clients.