Tips on skiing nearby Jáchymov


Ski Resorts around Jáchymov

Skiareal Klínovec

The largest ski resort in the Ore Mountains provides 33 km of ski slopes of all levels with a quality maintained surface. There are modern chair lifts for four people equipped with an orange bubble. In good snow conditions, you can get on a chair lift at the downhill station situated only 3 km from Jáchymov.

After submitting the accommodation card, there is a 10% discount in the Skiareal Klínovec for our clients on the following services:

  • renting carving skis and snowboard equipment including boots and poles (also for children)
  • renting ski and snowboard accessories (clothing, helmet, goggles, gloves, back protector)
  • renting snowshoes, sleds, and a snowjack
  • ensuring a ski school

The discount can be applied in the Ski Klínovec (the downhill station of the Jáchymov slope) and in the Sportcenter Klinovec (the downhill station of the Dámská slope).

Boží Dar

Boží Dar is about 9 km from Jáchymov towards the Czech-German border. There are several ski resorts nearby Boží Dar.

The largest and most famous ski resort is the Skiarel Neklid, which provides over 6 km of spacious and up to 1.2 km long slopes. To get back to the tops of slopes, you can use a chair lift for three persons, 4 anchor lifts, and 2 poma lifts.

The Skiareal Novakois designed for families with small children and ski beginners including a modern lift Doppelmayr, which is suitable also for very young children.

Skiarel Plešivec

The newest ski resort near Jáchymov (13 km) is the ski resort Plešivec towards Abertamy. The resort offers ten ski slopes of varying difficulty, three chairlifts, and a number of classic lifts. For children and beginners, there is a moving carpet and a ski school.


Ski Resort Náprava

In the ski resort Náprava, which is located in Jáchymov, there are ski slopes with lengths of 850 and 700 m with elevation of 150 m, free children’s lift, a ski school for children and adults, a ski rental and service, and refreshment in the pub..

Skiareal Fichtelberg - Oberwiesenthal

The largest ski resort in eastern Germany is only 12 minutes from Jáchymov. Apart from the slopes and ski trails, there is also a snowpark and snowtubing. You can choose from nine slopes of varying difficulty, rentals, ski schools and preschools, refreshments, etc.

Children's Ski Parks and Preschools

Children’s Park PRIMÁČEK u Huga in the Skiareal Klínovec

Children's park with a magic carpet, fairytale slalom and other equipment. In addition to teaching, there are held various competitions for children such as bobsledding with the mascot HUGO from 16:30–18:00 every Friday and Saturday. Thanks to an artificial lighting of the Primáček’s Park U HUGA, the playground will be open even during the evening skiing.

Children's Park in the Skiareal Plešivec

The children's park has four moving carpets suitable even for very young kids, who are not able to ride a lift on their own. A great attraction is a mountain carousel and forty different attractions. Among them, there is the artificial tunnel in the shape of a mushroom, a variety of animals, a few meters long snake used to practice skiing, and other attractions where the kids will never get bored.

Ski School in the Ski Resort NOVAKO in Boží Dar

A small elevation and gentle slopes are ideal for gaining first ski experience. The school is located in the heart of the ski resort Novako, and it provides for all beginners a moving carpet, a children's playground, a variety of amenities such as plush balls, basketball, ski poles and other toys. There is a surprise for our small clients.

Running Routes

The Ore Skiing Trail

The Ore skiing trail intersects almost all ski resorts, and it is unique thanks to its altitude and a range of the connected cross-country trails. At the link below, the lovers of white traces may choose a route according to their abilities and expectations.